In the Name of Love (Coming Out) (Love Stories Book 3)

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"In the Name of Love is a tender and sweet romance... written with a lot of love and heart." -Chanel Smith, author of Werewolf Moon

At its heart, In the Name of Love is a romance between a varsity baseball player, Steve, and the school theater star, Aaron. After a high school dance, Steve reconnects with Aaron, his best friend from elementary school, much to the disapproval of his peers. Steve's friends, after all, are jocks who scoff at the school's theater department.

But as their rekindled friendship grows more complex, Steve realizes that what he feels for Aaron is something very special. Very, very special. But does Aaron feel the same way about Steve?

Graduation day is approaching and Steve avoids the jocks, but they're not backing off. Now, Steve must decide if he will stand up for himself and for Aaron. But will he risk everything and come out?

What Steve decides sets the wheels in motion for a showdown, one that will change his life, and Aaron's, forever.

In the Name of Love is about discovering who you are and being true to yourself. It's about love, loyalty, and following your own path, the one you were truly meant to walk.

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