As I Lay Sleeping: A Camping Trip with My Naughty Gay Buddy (M/M Romance, First Time Gay, Straight to Gay, Coming Out)

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His fingers kept creeping up more and more, grazing in a cautious, delicate dance. I knew he was feeling guilty for taking advantage his best friend like this. I knew that he knew that if I woke up, it may be the end of our friendship as we knew it.

It’s OK Shawn, you could keep going, I imagined myself whispering to him. It took all of my energy to keep pretending to be asleep. I felt a tip of his finger finally brushing up on the tip of my hardness. He stayed like this, so still and frozen as I continued to hear my heart thumping, feeling more surges throughout my loins. I was now way past the confusion phase: all I knew now was that this felt good. It was a sexy dichotomy between safety and vulnerability and gradually merged into the feeling of love. The anticipation of a soon-to-be first man’s touch made me want to holler out in ecstasy, and all I wanted now was for him to man up, dive in and finally play with my body.

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